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Preservation News

PS2 Flatout 2 Mar 16 2006 (Press Build)

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Alas, the day has come. This has been one of the most important items to me in my collection (as far as builds of games go). Flatout 2 is a game I needed during a tough time in my life and I adored it. I remember so many hours playing with friends and by myself. It was also one of my test games for low spec computer tests I did back when EEE PC's were a thing (remember those??). Pretty sure there's still a video on my channel from all those years ago doing exactly that. When I found this...

A pitch for Sly Cooper 4: Time Bandits has been found! (NGP, October 2009)

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A pitch presentation showcasing an original idea for a fourth Sly Cooper game has been found and released. With an October 2009 date, this predates the announcement of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time by about two years (E3 2011). It was originally intended to be a NGP (PlayStation Vita) launch title. It was pitched by the same developer of Thieves in Time, Sanzaru Games. It includes a plethora of content scrapped from the final game, as at this point it was a game with an entirely different...

Help us to preserve the MICRAL N

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Message from MO5.COM french association: For our foreigner fellows, we need your help to acquire a rare copy of the very first microcomputer, the Micral N, and to share its restoration with you through a documentary series. Thanks everyone! MO5.COM : Acquisition d'un Micral N Aidez-nous à acquérir le premier micro-ordinateur au monde et à documenter sa préservation ! t.co MO5.COM : Acquisition d'un Micral N Aidez-nous à acquérir le premier micro-ordinateur au monde et à documenter sa préservation ! micral.mo5.com Thank you.
Just Another Release...

Other Just Another Release...

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​ Shortly after our last release we had the chance to secure 9 more discs to release. Thanks to the generous donators below, we're proud to bring you these today. Thanks to, @hogsy @hwd405 @Spaceman @TheNameless0ne @AquaSeaWing @GHzGangster @FrostWolf PikminGuts92 @SpecFroce AshBob5000 @Dezent Bonus Thanks to...
OG Saturn Group Buy (Release)

Saturn OG Saturn Group Buy (Release)

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Presents....... Another release!​ Earlier this year we held a group buy for 78 discs. 75 ended up being SEGA Saturn, 3 were PS1 & lastly we had a lone XBOX disc. We had over 40 donators, in what was our largest funding effort to date. We seriously couldn't have done it without all your help! Due to size of the list of donators, we'll leave a link to our wiki. If you want your name on the list changed please let us know, or if we missed...

Crash Landing! (Crash Bandicoot 2, 3, and Crash Team Racing Protos released)

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​ Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (Jun 15, 1997 prototype)...​