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Ridge Racer V Review

Review Ridge Racer V Review

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​ Ridge Racer V is a game enjoyable by many people, but I believe that it is most enjoyable by Ridge Racer fans. First of all, to start this review off, I initially HATED this game. I couldn't do any free run tries to get a feel for my car. When you start the game, it is just Gran Prix at the beginning, and that made me mad, but I continued. I liked Free Run because it allowed me to figure out how to drive well with the car I had selected and master the tracks. It was a...

A massive thank you to everyone whos signed up so far.

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Would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone. Starting a new forum is a very chicken and egg situation - people don't register as there's no content and there's no content because no one registers. So far we have had hundreds of users register and more importantly - you guys are posting and bringing over posts of value from assemblergames. I couldn't be more proud of how this community has banded together to make this happen. You have all taken the challenge and ran with it -...

Prototopia.net has merged into ObscureGamers!

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Just a quick update to say we've merged Prototopia.net into OG, we didn't see the point keeping two similar based sites up. All PT Discord private group users will be made VIP here (Very Important Preservationist), and if you had an account on PT all your content should be merged here now. If you find any bugs please let me know thank you. Thanks and keep OG great! Regards, Damien/Demon
Crazy Taxi Review

Review Crazy Taxi Review

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​ To start this review, I'm going to mention that I am reviewing the Playstation 2 version of Crazy Taxi. I have played the arcade version and they were the same game, so don't come crying to me that I'm not playing the version on the DC. I don't own a Dreamcast, and therefore, I would not have had played the Game on the DC, but i have seen footage of it, and I will say that saying that there isn't a significant difference between the PS2 version and the DC version of Crazy...
Sonic Gems Collection Review

Review Sonic Gems Collection Review

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the latter half of this review was a bit half-assed admittedly, but i wanted to leave the rest of the games open to re-review and their own reviews. The reviews are back and even more sporadic than ever. Keep on the lookout. "Why are you reviewing a collection? Aren't these all games you could review on their own?" I'm merging them all together into a huge review that should satisfy most. It's to fill in for time until I review the next thing, coming 2035. Sarcasm aside, last time I...
Sonic CD Review

Review Sonic CD Review

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​ I am not rewriting this one, and seeing with my recent poll, this is going to be important, though I did make a few edits to reflect my current opinion. I'm quite the odd one out here. There are many people that like this game, as well as many people that hate it, too. I, being one that likes it, don't still have a few issues with the game, not to mention that I'm not a big fan of the 2011 remake or the 1996 PC port. I've played this game through and through a few times...

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