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XenForo 2.2 Upgrades are live!

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Awhile back we mentioned XenForo 2.2 is coming which has many changes. We put out warnings some older features would break and sadly in this case the OG 2020 themes did break due to the new features.

We'll be enabling legacy themes over the coming few days which will look and feel like the old ones but won't be the same fully. They'll just be there for legacy reasons and for those that run older hardware.

Currently only light themes are live but there's also many bonus features lurking such as our new web app for android.


You may spot bugs and if you do please report here asap, we'd need a screenshot, device name/browser and version used to help speed things up.

I won't bore you more here so will get back to finising up the dark themes.

EDIT: Dark theme semi sorted, and people forget each year but...
Review Taito Chase H.Q. + S.C.I Review
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It's been a while, hasn't it?
Don't ask me why I've been away for so long after saying I'd come back, I couldn't give you a good enough reason.

Back in the days that arcade games were still ported to new consoles because those said consoles couldn't handle that game being emulated, we have two games from the Taito Z System. Taito's Chase HQ and Taito's SCI. Chase HQ, being more of a classic to Japanese gamers, and SCI, being remembered by not really anybody. That's not to include Chase HQ II, which was a Mega Drive only game, interestingly enough known as Super HQ in Japan, while being released overseas as Chase HQ II. Not to be confused with the 2007 arcade game that nobody remembers. There was also a third game in arcades that nobody remembers, and with all the space they had on this disc, they really could have and should have included it.

Why is Chase HQ mostly remembered by Japanese gamers instead of WW gamers? More of a hunch than an assumption, based on the fact that the...

Castlevania Next Generation

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Castlevania in Venice? It nearly happened. This is the story of Castlevania Next Generation.

PS1 Hidden Palace Community Group Buy (Feb 2020/Part 2) - 16 PS1 Prototypes!

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Ps1 logo.png
PS2 Hidden Palace Community Group Buy (Feb 2020/Part 1) - 28 PS2 Prototypes!
Oops more updates...
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Even though my day to day role here in OG is limited it hasn't stopped us staff from working on new ways to expand behind the scenes.

Recently we launched the much demanded resources center, we're working on a new design for the upcoming XenForo 2.2 release which adds a bunch of mobile related features users will enjoy.

But what about older projects? Well those have been taken down awhile now but were never to stay this way. The main issue with these was the fact they were on random domains or subdomains, this was just a growing expense so we decided to make a true archive under one domain. This includes the old prototopia list which after much debate was turned into a wiki.

With this said, it's time to drive more user input which is why we're now releasing early sneak peaks. The Wiki will be request access only and you will need to have an account here on OG to get access. We'll then create an account with a strong secure...