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New video @ 6PM GMT Today: LEGO Batman 2 (Sep 29, 2012 Build)
New Blur 2 build discovered!
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New video shortly of a newly found build of the cancelled Blur 2 project. This build is being run in Xenia as a test of how far the emulator has come.

BuildDB Entry: https://www.obscuregamers.com/builddb/blur_2

Tekken 6 (E3 2009 Build)
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This is footage of the E3 2009 Build of Tekken 6 for the PlayStation 3.

More info on BuildDB: https://www.obscuregamers.com/builddb/tekken_6/

A huge thank you to Fusion for taking time to record footage, you can follow Fusion on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJTqxi2eFUIdhAEC0r0UPhg

Contra Evolution (Unreleased game)
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Hey Contra Fans, we have something special lined up shortly,

BuildDB Entry: https://www.obscuregamers.com/builddb/contra_evolution/
Project Gotham Racing 4 (XBOX 360 Debug Build)
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Video premiers at 6PM GMT today 👀

OG Discord

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Ok, so as some of you may know a few minutes ago the OG discord server disappeared

Shortly after we found out that the server had been reported for "selling or distributing cheats, hacks or cracked accounts" , This is of course totally false

Bear with us whilst we figure something out

EDIT Note by Damien:
I won't be joining the new server at this time. If you see anybody named Damien/WD in server please report to the Discord staff team asap.

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