Another fundraiser..

This fundraiser is multiple lots we have been offered for our museum, most of these are extremely early systems, and many contain unreleased games and history that would other wise be lost.

The goal for this is split into groups, we have awhile to sort this one and lots would be paid as funded. The total includes paypal fee's added and shipping costs included excluding taxes, we put 10% as we're often charged different rates depending on donators locations.
Latest donor
Custom LBP Developer PS3 containing multiple unreleased games, and multiple alpha builds.
An early prototype PlayStation 3 dev Kit, in an early shell design which includes a disc filled with build(s? exact contents unknown)
3x Prototype XBOX's, plus a boxed system believed to be used at E3. + Misc items to be added that are unknown.
Misc Nintendo systems.
The above prices doesn't include paypal fees, please see goal amount for total with 10% added for fee's we're charged.
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Contra Evolution

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  • Contra Evolution
    Unreleased Game
    Platform: XBOX 360 - PlayStation 3
    Developer: Eurocom

    Contra Evolution (unrelated to the Android/iOS/Arcade game by Konami) is a cancelled project from Eurocom started in 2010. Not much information is known and the only mention only describes it as an early tech demo.

    According to the title screen from a discovered build it was intended for the XBOX 360 & PlayStation 3.

    Mentions online​ (top)

    The only mention of this project online is from:

    While under employment of Eurocom, game developer Neil Casini had been tasked with a “next generation” Contra game. With inspiration from Geometry Wars, the game would make use of twin analog sticks for control: the left stick would control the player while the right stick would control aiming and firing. A small degree of auto-aim would be implemented. This project did not progress past a conceptual demo.

    Known Builds​ (top)

    Builds NameBuild Date
    Contra Evolution XBOX 360Feb 10, 2010

    Build Footage​ (top)

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