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Group Releases

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  • Below are releases/lots from groups/users. Not all lots are saved and some are lost due to actions of certain users/companies.

    LotDateTotal Items released or Sold.Released By
    Sonic Disc Lot201711Damien (N!NJA on SonicRetro)
    Splash Damage LotMarch 2020Moved to Tera Release. 16x XDK + 4X PS3 TEST/TOOLObscureGamers/Damien
    OG PS2/XBOX Group Buy 2020June 202017ObscureGamers/Damien
    OG Group Buy 2.0August 2020 (to be released in 2021)18ObscureGamers/Damien
    PS3 Group BuyMarch 2020Moved to Tera Release.ObscureGamers/Damien
    WATCH_DOGS XDK2020Moved to Tera Release.ObscureGamers/Damien & MrPinball64
    Data Design Interactive Lot2020Multiple HDD's from DDI.ObscureGamers/Damien/March_42. Research/Recovery lead by Dink & MrPinball64.
    Czech Republic Lot2020Multiple XDK's.ObscureGamers/Cvolton
    XDK Group Buy202075 (Released mid 2020 as multiple lots.)ObscureGamers/DoublesAdvocate
    Steven Pattullo Commodore LotMarch 2021To be Dumped. 6x DisksDamien
    Project Deluge2021752HiddenPalace
    Juiced Lot20197Damien
    Tera Release 2020December 25, 2020768 + 24 HDD Images.ObscureGamers
    Mega Release 2.0May 14, 2020111ObscureGamers/DRW