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Let's try this again, eh? Maybe this time I'll be on a roll and continue doing this as a weekly thing. Also, pardon the lack of screenshots this time, I was playing the GOG version, not the Steam version. Amidst my adventures through digging through Project Deluge, a few things have definitely caught my eye. Can't say they've made much of an impact on me though, as most of the prototypes I've been interested in have nothing interesting...
Below is a video of the unreleased PS1 game Manhattan Project dated 6.12.97. Special thank you to @Andrew for sharing footage.
Prodeus is a game that's been on my radar for a while. I don't know whether it's the beautifully crafted retro aesthetic, the DOOM-inspired run and gun style action, or the sprinkles of nostalgia found in every little hand-crafted detail, but this game, more than any other in recent memory manages to take me right back to simpler times where I would spend hours upon hours with my eyes glued to a computer screen. This is a game which caught...
Check out OG's latest video covering footage from a God of War: Ascension Trade Show Demo.
It's been a while, hasn't it? Don't ask me why I've been away for so long after saying I'd come back, I couldn't give you a good enough reason. Back in the days that arcade games were still ported to new consoles because those said consoles couldn't handle that game being emulated, we have two games from the Taito Z System. Taito's Chase HQ and Taito's SCI. Chase HQ, being more of a classic to Japanese gamers, and SCI, being remembered by...