User Ranks

find out what the user ranks are on Obscure Gamers
On this page you can learn a bit about those members who help to keep things running smoothly.

We only have one admin and this rank is reserved for the owner only. The Administrator (Demon) will deal with site issues and behind the scenes stuff.

Moderators deal with reports and other basic stuff on the site. If you have an issue please report it and a moderator will deal with it shortly. If the issue is related to scamming/fraud please PM Demon instead.

Do not ask to be staff. If we need staff we'll discuss it and choose staff from active members.

This group is reserved for people who are currently active Game Developers. To join this group you must have a game listed on the likes of Steam/Xbox Live/PSN/Origin/UPlay and proof will be required. We will not ask anything that breaches NDA.

This group is reserved for the most trusted users on site. The rank is given by staff choice only and cannot be asked for.

This group is for members who have 2 or more development kits. To apply for the group write "" along with your username and the date and PM the photo to Demon. Please hide any serials etc.

Please note this rank is full, no new members are being added.

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    Apr 21, 2017
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