Unreleased console from the big THREE

We're urgently fundraising for an unreleased games console from the big three game companies.

There is less than 5 of these known to exist, and we have the chance to secure one and document it on our new channel.

All data/software found on the system will be shared with researchers, but donators will get first access. High res 4k video will be done on the device and it's internals for future reference.

This fundraiser is time sensitive.
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PS3 HDD Decryption Tool (EXCLUSIVE TO OG!) v1.0

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A few years ago a former member here made a tool to decrypt PlayStation 3 hard drives, with them gone we feel it's best to release it so others can decrypt PS3 HDD images.

The old public tools take a very long time, but this one runs at the full hard drive speed. It took me about 5 hours to decrypt a 400GB 1000A image the other year and I'm sure it'll be faster on SSD's etc.

To decrypt an image the command is: hdd_decrypt image.img eid_root_key decrypted.img the direct hdd function has never been tested mind you so may not work.


File MD5 for security: EBD1CC490C3FDC08134BA2176F4CD225 If it doesn't match this it maybe tampered with and unsafe!
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