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  1. M

    NES The 'Arcade' Advantage (NES Advantage) - Requesting a Little Help to Get Started

    I'm looking to take an old NES Advantage Controller and attempting to Modify it to use an 'Arcade' Joystick. I have some skill in soddering and craftsmanship; though I don't know where to exactly start. As for why I'm doing this; I thought it would be an interesting project to pull off as the...
  2. biggestsonicfan

    Sonic the Fighters - UPDATE: PROPER DEBUG MODE!

    Greetings all! As I stated in my introduction, if I come across any big developments in my research, I would cross-post them here Well, a a big development has been found! A debug display, which was previously accessed using memory manipulation, has a legit method of activation using a series...

    Homerun Contest (ホームランコンテスト/a.k.a. World Stadium HD) by Namco

    Homerun Contest was a baseball game developed by Namco and (so far) only showcased once at Japan in 1988. It is part of Namco's World Stadium (Pro Yakyū World Stadium) series. What is notable about this particular title is due to the fact that its possibly the very first HD game to be ever...