Unreleased console from the big THREE

We're urgently fundraising for an unreleased games console from the big three game companies.

There is less than 5 of these known to exist, and we have the chance to secure one and document it on our new channel.

All data/software found on the system will be shared with researchers, but donators will get first access. High res 4k video will be done on the device and it's internals for future reference.

This fundraiser is time sensitive.
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flatout 2

  1. speedyink

    PS2 Flatout 2 Mar 16 2006 (Press Build)

    Alas, the day has come. This has been one of the most important items to me in my collection (as far as builds of games go). Flatout 2 is a game I needed during a tough time in my life and I adored it. I remember so many hours playing with friends and by myself. It was also one of my test games...