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    As you all are aware, OG/VGPM and many other groups are hitting storage limits. We're currently trying to raise funding for a server that can fit 1PB almost, this will last us for many years. The cost will cover the server itself, CPU/RAM upgrades along with SSD's for the OS. It won't include the costs of main HDD's as we need to test configure the system before moving onto stage two. (The storage itself)

    If you're able to help we've updated our Ko-Fi with a new goal.

    Ps, Thank you to all donators who helped us reach the CIC goal! we're almost complete there with setup.
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game review

  1. Gameboi64

    Review Namco Museum Encore Review

    Now, before you think I'm going to go and obsess over this again, no. That isn't what is happening. Yes, I have had the urge recently to play it again, but I don't really want to do it like I did. I have not been playing it that much (if at all) recently, and after playing it again, I wanted to...
  2. Gameboi64

    Review Ridge Racer V Review

    Ridge Racer V is a game enjoyable by many people, but I believe that it is most enjoyable by Ridge Racer fans. First of all, to start this review off, I initially HATED this game. I couldn't do any free run tries to get a feel for my car. When you start the game, it is just Gran Prix at the...