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  1. J

    Hello users

    I've been involved in the Xbox modding scene since 2002, to some degree - be it figuring out how to make the GentooX rootFS smaller for stock hdd users, or building GUI tools for hacking halo maps, or to the later things like modding xbox 360's, repairing bad capacitors, or attempting to get the...
  2. Anakin94

    Hi all!

    Hi community, I'm Anakin94 and i like Beta versions and i'm a big fan of Destruction Derby 2. What i also like is Retro PC's, Retro Consoles (PS1 and PS2), Console modding, PS1 Demo's, old videogames, blank CD-R's with 74 min/650 MiB, Audio-Mastering, Metal Music like Powerman 5000 and...