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  1. G

    Dreamcast No video output on HKT-0120

    Hi all, I have a HKT-0120 Dreamcast Dev kit that has been sitting in storage for about 10 years, and a recent bout of inspiration (and moving house) has uncovered the Kit and I was curious to boot it up. However, I am a complete notice and I am not getting any video output from the Kit and...
  2. N

    Need help reviving a hkt-0120 (on various levels): GD-M, OS mode, Jumper settings?

    Hi dear peeps, this is my first time posting and I heard good things about this forum, and I hope I’ll find some advice here. I recently purchased a Dreamcast Katana hkt-0120 and I ran into a few problems setting it properly and getting it to work. Apologize the lengthiness of the post, but I...
  3. karlmartin95

    Dreamcast HELP - Sega Katana Video & Communication problems

    Hello Obscure Gamers, In this post I will share with you the problems that I have with my Sega Katana. The post it's big so, take a cup of coffee. Some months ago, I bought this Sega Katana from a guy in my country, he told me that the Katana was brought from Japan by him and he used it for...