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mega drive

  1. ranfoxconn

    MD VA6 Mega Drive Model 1 Video Problem

    So I got a Japanese Mega Drive with a VA6 motherboard the other day and I tested it using two games, Bare Knuckle 2 and Gunstar Heroes and it ran them just fine. So I put in a language switch then gave it new caps and new voltage regulators. Turned the console on and it worked. Just for fun I...
  2. kitty666cats

    Screenshot from a previously unseen X-Men 2: Clone Wars prototype...? (bonus article on FX Fighter too)

    I found these curiousities in some random old issue of Disney Adventures (June 1995). The screenshot looks like the first Genesis X-Men game, but there's definitely no palm tree level in that one. It also looks more like a screenshot of a Game Gear game or something. Anyone know what the hell...
  3. R

    MD Sega Mega Drive VA4 severe issues (audio, freezing)

    Hello guys! Months ago I bought two MD1s sold as untested. Both of them are VA4 PAL boards, manufactured in 1991, and 1992. The '91 one had buzzy audio, I replaced the caps, easy win. However, the other one...it's behaving exactly like this guy's console: Tested with a bunch of games: -...