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nintendo dolphin

  1. T

    Need help valuing my Complete Gamecube Dolphin Dev Kit

    I need help figuring out what you guys think the resale value of this Gamecube Dolphin Dev Kit may be nowadays. I got it years ago and it still is in the original box as you can see with the model number on it: GCT-0100 NPDP-GDEV It has the original accessories and most of the original...
  2. MSX

    GC Inside an NPDP Cartridge

    A look inside the cartridge. It has a 6GB Toshiba IDE drive to store up to 4 games. In the corners you can see 2 little capsules with black and white liquid. If you were to drop the cartridge hard, a divider inside the capsules would break which would cause the liquids to mix. Nintendo would...