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  1. B

    GC Calling on all Panasonic Q owners

    Hello everyone, For some time now I’ve been researching the Panasonic Q DVD/Game player. It is what I would call one of the most beautiful consoles ever produced. But like most obscure and niche products it was only ever released in Japan. This brought with it that the DVD region was locked to...
  2. S

    Are there any Joycon analog stick replacements of decent quality available?

    I had the Joycon drift on my left stick after a few years and tried cleaning it a few different ways, which didn't work, as you probably expect. So I ordered a replacement, which drifted even worse than the original, even after calibrating. So I bought another one, which appears to be DOA...
  3. Causticglass

    DS Is-Nitro-Capture for sale (UK)

    Hi there! If this isn't the right forum to ask, please feel free to either remove it or point me in the direction of the correct location. I simply figured since you guys are the remains of assembler games, you'd have the absolute best answers. I see the IS-NITRO-CAPTURE boxes pop up very...
  4. cavencruiser

    Why do some psp games have no depth buffer?

    I was wondering why some games like the tomb raiders on the psp have no depth buffer, was this some kind of hardware constraint like the n64, or is this just stupidity on the developers side? feel free to let me know why.
  5. S

    GC Anyone here good at looking for video game protos? Looking for pikmin 2

    If you know anyone lInk them this post because I am looking for pikmin 2 proto/prereleases and would appreciate help
  6. S

    GC Pikmin 2 prototypes part 2

    Looking for leads or people who may have pikmin 2 prototypes message me so we can discuss if you know anything https://www.pikminwiki.com/Pikmin_2_prerelease_information
  7. Moondog

    Biohazard/ Resident Evil 0 N64 prototype (aka not this again :P)

    Anyone still obsessing over this in 2020? We got some new footage a few years back, but discussion on old Biohazard stuff has really died down.
  8. ph4ntombr4in

    NTSC SNES Freezes on start up. No visible signs of problems.

    Hi all. I'm new here and have been recommended by a friend to speak to everyone here about my journey trying to get an NTSC Super NES working. Basically, I acquired an NTSC SNES from someone local (I'm from the UK so we're used to PAL) for free, and it came untested, and with what appears to...
  9. T

    Need help valuing my Complete Gamecube Dolphin Dev Kit

    I need help figuring out what you guys think the resale value of this Gamecube Dolphin Dev Kit may be nowadays. I got it years ago and it still is in the original box as you can see with the model number on it: GCT-0100 NPDP-GDEV It has the original accessories and most of the original...
  10. reachC

    GB [Homebrew] Crate Place

    Hi! For the past few weeks I worked on a Game Boy Homebrew. Crate Place is a small Sokoban Clone for the Game Boy Classic with some of the orginal levels. I hope you like it :) Project page: reachcoding.eu/crate-place Download v1.0: crate-place-1.0.zip