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pc engine duo rx

  1. earthshaker

    Other Pc Engine Duo-R graphic glitch

    Here I am with another Pc Engine duo.. I got the machine around two weeks ago for my collection and it was working fine, then I decided to install the RGB as I had some rgb boards with 7314 on it at home. Unfortunately something went wrong as I broke 2 solder pads (n.60 and 58) of the board...
  2. earthshaker

    Dead Pc Engine Duo RX..

    Hi, guys! I friend of mine just gave me a mint looking PC Engine Duo RX that doesnt wanna turn on.. It has been RGB modded around 15 years ago and he said me it was working fine until a few years ago.. The PCB is like new, but the console is completely dead when I try to turn it on. Even the led...