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  1. earthshaker

    Dead Pc Engine Duo RX..

    Hi, guys! I friend of mine just gave me a mint looking PC Engine Duo RX that doesnt wanna turn on.. It has been RGB modded around 15 years ago and he said me it was working fine until a few years ago.. The PCB is like new, but the console is completely dead when I try to turn it on. Even the led...
  2. MisterEnthusiastOG

    NEC PC-Duo (PC Engine Duo-R U.S. prototype)

    Back in 2016, there was an eBay auction for an extremely rare and obscure console, apparently a prototype for an unreleased U.S. version of the PC Engine Duo-R, dubbed the PC-Duo. Below in this spoiler is an image of the PC-Duo. Below is a link to a #CUPodcast by Pat the NES Punk discussing...