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  1. PaulSilentin

    [article] The six great reasons to share prototypes

    Disclaimer: this thread is a signal for discussion about preservation of gaming stuff from another point of view. I have no intent to offend anyone, this is just my own point of view about debatable and controversial topic. I understand that many people disagree with me and that's fine...
  2. Damien

    Where will the ASSEMblerGames archive be hosted?

    With ASSEMblerGames.com going down at the end of the month one of our moves has been building OG, along wth a static archive of the site, we've released a few different types of backups so far, along with others by Nemesis/more to come by archive.org etc. What have we done so far? We've bought...
  3. Damien

    Preservation group discords/irc & sites

    Here are the main preservation groups that are vetted and trust worthy. These sites keep the items preserved which is true preservation, dumping and selling isn't. https://gamehistory.org/ Brought to you by Frank. https://www.museumofplay.org/visit (@Borman works here.)...
  4. Damien

    How to preserve a HDD based Game System

    This guides a work in progress. It doesn't cover data recovery at this time. It'll work on most hard drive based systems even if encrypted. DISCLAIMER: if you mess it up, we are not responsible! Perform this at own risk! Most important! DO NOT EVEN USE THE SYSTEM! Using/Booting it can cause...