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  1. Damien

    God of War: Ascension (Tradeshow event build)

    Check out OG's latest video covering footage from a God of War: Ascension Trade Show Demo.
  2. S

    GC Anyone here good at looking for video game protos? Looking for pikmin 2

    If you know anyone lInk them this post because I am looking for pikmin 2 proto/prereleases and would appreciate help
  3. S

    Looking for pikmin 2 prototypes

    I am Looking for pikmin 2 prototypes mainly the versions with yellow and blue bulborbs
  4. speedyink

    Early PS3 Move Controller

    Just making a thread to document this early prototype Move controller. Notes: - Works great on PS3 - Controller crashes when connected to PS4 (Must use reset button to get to turn back on again) - Overall rougher construction (larger gaps between pieces etc) - Buttons use indented markings...
  5. Moondog

    Biohazard/ Resident Evil 0 N64 prototype (aka not this again :P)

    Anyone still obsessing over this in 2020? We got some new footage a few years back, but discussion on old Biohazard stuff has really died down.
  6. v3ck1n

    Need help with my Original Xbox debug kit

    Hello everyone I am making my own thread because I have been mostly unsuccessful when attempting to interact with my debug kit from laptop. I'll give a few bullet points and add a couple images. >bought the debug kit off ebay couple weeks ago >had never been opened before, still has prototype...
  7. Cameron2817

    Crash Twinanity Review/Prototype Builds

    Hello! I am looking for any Crash Twinsanity PS2/Xbox review or prototype builds. I would be interested in buying one if anyone has one or know someone that does. Thank you for reading! -Cameron
  8. D

    PS2 Splashdown Prototype Video | 9-8-01

    Hello everyone! I will be posting several videos of prototypes as mentioned throughout the forum. These will be mostly unreleased prototypes and only running on real hardware. This Splashdown beta is from 9-8-2001. There are several missing items such as levels and racers in this build. The...

    Atari Jaguar VR headset (No.6)

    I posted this on Atariage a month ago but thought I'd also share it here. I was lucky enough to be in the same room as the Atari Jaguar VR headset. This one belongs to the Retro Computer Museum in Leicester, UK. Simon is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Virtuality and was gifted this by...
  10. FromAllAspects

    WTB: Ratchet & Clank Build Discs

    Hi all, I am currently on the lookout for some Ratchet & Clank build discs, ranging from PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. If you would have a build disc lying around, name what it is and for what platform and (if possible) name your price, including the...
  11. cavencruiser

    Need help finding unused debug menu in super ghouls and ghosts gba

    Hello all, I have discovered that there was unused dialogue in the gba port of super gng. Is anyone willing to find if the menu is still present by reverse engineering? I would like to see how this menu works.
  12. LadyLeia

    Roller Deck (The Card Based Maths Game)

    RollerDeck is my second public game development project after Ball20x2 (a quick little game for the GM20 game jam in 20 hours). Roller Deck is a game involving matching cards together. Match the cards - Reach the goal! The rules to this puzzle game are simple: Put your card over another to add...
  13. Developer Jeff

    Wii Prototype Nintendo Wii Consoles

    Prototype Nintendo Wii RVT-R Wired "Pre-Product 4" For Test/Evaluation only. With wired Wii Mote development controller. Prototype Nintendo Wii RVT-R Wireless "Pre-Product 4" For Test/Evaluation only. Units together.
  14. SakeZon

    WTB Looking to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 or 2 Prototypes [PS3/PC]

    Looking to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 or 2 Prototypes for either PS3/PC, PM me proof of you having the Prototype version of the game. Specifically looking for Zombies prototypes in the Black Ops series. Payment method: Paypal, etc. Price: Negotiable.
  15. P

    Comix Zone - SEGA Genesis

    Are these pictures known? I searched a bit in the usual sites but didn't find anything. They are from a Brazilian magazine.
  16. Developer Jeff

    PS3 Playstation 3 Prototype Controller Thread

    Thread for documenting all known prototype & engineering sample Playstation 3 Controllers in circulation. High Quality Images of controller in my collection will be included below description of each device. Thread is a work in progress, identified controller skus are known examples and have...
  17. Edward_2452

    X360 Burnout 5 (Feb 22 2007)

    This was recovered from a EA Demo kit. The game was missing afew files and did not work. Big thanks to burninrubber0 for getting the game working. Also WebDemon for getting me to recover what was on the 20GB HDD.
  18. DirkDagger

    WTB Nokia N-Gage / Gizmondo Alpha / Beta / Gold / Promo / PreView / E3 MMC Builds.

    Looking for "Alpha", "Beta", "Gold", "Promo", "Pre Release", "Not For Sale" MMC/SD Game Cartridges for: 1) Nokia N-Gage. 2) Gizmondo. *Here Example Of N-Gage Games: ("Alpha" (Red Strip), "Beta" (Orange Strip), Gold (Yellow Strip), "Promo" "Not For Sale" (White/Green Strip) N-Gage Games, Units...
  19. DirkDagger

    [Nokia N-Gage / QD] NotForSale MMCs Complete Thread: Alpha, Beta, Gold, Dev, P/Review, Proto.

    Because of Kevin's decision to rename AG to GraveyArd, just want to save my main thread abt NGE types of NFRs. Hope that still be interesting for all NGE collectors. :) Here's original AG post: Finally decided to make one complete thread abt N-Gage/QD NFS/NFR games. Never saw any more or less...
  20. 13thVessel

    WTB Kingdom Hearts Debug, Protos ,Betas, Samples, Previews, Press, etc...

    Hey there! I'm looking for KH rare stuff, please if you have something that could interest me send me an MP or post below ^-^ Also I'm interested in rare press documents,announcements,etc... Regards!