1. kennypecheur

    Strange Gamecube disc (Probably Test-Pressing disc)

    Hi all, Recently, I got a bunch of Gamecube NR Discs from a former Video Game Magazine employee, and it the lot, there was a kind of disc I haven't already seen. As pictured below, it is a gamecube disc that looks double sided. At the moment, I was only able to check the content on one side of...
  2. Cameron2817

    Crash Twinanity Review/Prototype Builds

    Hello! I am looking for any Crash Twinsanity PS2/Xbox review or prototype builds. I would be interested in buying one if anyone has one or know someone that does. Thank you for reading! -Cameron
  3. 13thVessel

    WTB Kingdom Hearts Debug, Protos ,Betas, Samples, Previews, Press, etc...

    Hey there! I'm looking for KH rare stuff, please if you have something that could interest me send me an MP or post below ^-^ Also I'm interested in rare press documents,announcements,etc... Regards!
  4. Icaras

    PS1 WipEout 3 (August 3, 1999 review prototype)

    My favorite review copy for playstation one that i bought for 220 euros :) ENJOY ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Gameboi64

    Review Ridge Racer V Review

    Ridge Racer V is a game enjoyable by many people, but I believe that it is most enjoyable by Ridge Racer fans. First of all, to start this review off, I initially HATED this game. I couldn't do any free run tries to get a feel for my car. When you start the game, it is just Gran Prix at the...