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  1. N

    [Request] Help setting up a PS2 development environment.

    Hi, thanks for checking and sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum. So I was looking into having a crack at PS2 development, mostly just for the giggles and challenge. So I was looking around old assembler games stuff and most all of the stuff there is basically saying to use a veritibly...
  2. SONIC3D

    Other WonderSwan official development related tool D-Pro Debugger 3.0E

    This is a set of tools to debug software on WonderSwan debugging kit. I don't find any SDK header/library files in this CD-ROM. So it disappointed me a bit. But it may still be valuable to people who has the hardware but missed this disc. Download URL...
  3. N

    Which Redhat ISO for PS2 development.

    I was wandering around the legacy Redhat site trying to find which iso is the one that's reccomended by the ps2sdk (official documentation reccomends 7.1 or some such when I put the pdfs onto a windows machine) as I am having difficulty navigating the file structure to find the exact iso file I...
  4. SiZiOUS

    Dreamcast PowerVR 25 – the Developer Technology team cupboards laid bare!

    I've found some days ago a very interesting page on the Imagination blog website which describes the PowerVR development process plus a lot of things about this (the PowerVR is the GPU inside the Dreamcast). In that page, there is a pict with a lot of old SDK discs for our Dreamcast and some of...
  5. pool7

    Documenting console SDKs and dev tools versions and details

    I'm copying my own thread from AG; hopefully it'll be useful to someone (either now or in the future). DISCLAIMER: By accessing/reading/using/etc the link below, you agree and understand the following: -This is being done with research/education/preservation in mind -This is a constant...