Another fundraiser..

This fundraiser is multiple lots we have been offered for our museum, most of these are extremely early systems, and many contain unreleased games and history that would other wise be lost.

The goal for this is split into groups, we have awhile to sort this one and lots would be paid as funded. The total includes paypal fee's added and shipping costs included excluding taxes, we put 10% as we're often charged different rates depending on donators locations.
Latest donor
Custom LBP Developer PS3 containing multiple unreleased games, and multiple alpha builds.
An early prototype PlayStation 3 dev Kit, in an early shell design which includes a disc filled with build(s? exact contents unknown)
3x Prototype XBOX's, plus a boxed system believed to be used at E3. + Misc items to be added that are unknown.
Misc Nintendo systems.
The above prices doesn't include paypal fees, please see goal amount for total with 10% added for fee's we're charged.
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sega saturn

  1. Damien

    OG Saturn Buy 2021

    EDIT: With paypal fee's taken into account the total left to fund is: £1,125.38 it's costing roughly 5% each transaction. Well that didn't last long.. After seeing what we released recently we were given first dibs on the largest haul of SEGA Saturn discs ever listed for sale, least with the...
  2. cavencruiser

    Why do some psp games have no depth buffer?

    I was wondering why some games like the tomb raiders on the psp have no depth buffer, was this some kind of hardware constraint like the n64, or is this just stupidity on the developers side? feel free to let me know why.
  3. PsychoLavos

    Saturn Phantom Universal not working

    Hello there! I posted this in the "Help & Repairs" section of the OG Discord Server, I figured that I'd also put it here too. Recently, I bought two Phantom Universal Modchips. One from RetroGamerStuff, the other from eBay. Due to the current pandemic, chances are It'll be a while before I...
  4. dj898

    SEGA Saturn Motherboard 171-6874D Vs EDGE Magazine Issue 23 Cover
  5. cavencruiser

    The games that showed off the gba's power during its lifespan

    Hi, I wanted to talk about a topic that has been on my mind as of recently. The gba during its launch was one of the most powerful 2d consoles out there far surpassing anything that can have been done on genesis and snes, or any of those gen of consoles. The general question comes down to; why...
  6. XL2

    Saturn HELLSLAVE : Project Z-Treme

    Edit : latest video of my homebrew Sega Saturn game, Hellslave : Project Z-treme :
  7. T

    Saturn Sega Saturn Region Free Bios Woes

    Howdy, I have a problem with my Sega Saturn Pal Mk2 and a region free bios i got from BadAd. I'm sure the Bios firmware itself is fine maybe it's just the game. Worldwide Soccer works fine (PAL) then I load up Euro England 96 and that doesn't work and the colours of the language select almost...