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  1. border collie21

    PS2 Sony PSX DESR-5100 not powering on after installing a different HDD

    Around June, I tried to replace the HDD in my PSX (the actual PSX, not the PS1) and after connecting a larger IDE HDD it would no longer power on. I checked everything that looked like a fuse and nothing seemed to be visibly wrong. I just dug it out again and started messing with it, and it's...
  2. B

    Gran Turismo 4 Chinese Review copy layerbreak????????

    Hi guys! I try to play on my latest pcsx2 build emulator GT4 Chinese review version and screen begins with Chinese language and after black screen freezes... I had converted DVD9 to DVD5 iso and nothing happens again with same problem.. i want to play this build on pcsx2 very much can explain...
  3. cavencruiser

    The games that showed off the gba's power during its lifespan

    Hi, I wanted to talk about a topic that has been on my mind as of recently. The gba during its launch was one of the most powerful 2d consoles out there far surpassing anything that can have been done on genesis and snes, or any of those gen of consoles. The general question comes down to; why...