1. Walter White

    WTB: Halo, Mass Effect, and Metal Gear Solid Builds

    If anybody has any unreleased/unleaked Prototypes, or WIP Builds of Halo, Metal Gear, or Mass Effect; send me a PM, and consider them bought! (y):giggle:
  2. ERROR

    Sega Saturn: Star Wars - Rebel Strike Unreleased Beta

    I thought everyone would enjoy this. Exclusive to the new ObscureGamers forum!! Here’s a YouTube video
  3. D

    Prototopia's first video is live!

    It is with great news we can finally share our first video for Prototopia! The first video is based on Backyard Heroes and was made by the same team as HaloMegaBloks you should checkout @Borman's video for that! You can watch the raw gameplay or voice over versions below. Enjoy! ;) Commentry...
  4. Nex

    The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion | Datamining

    This thread is gonna be a compilation of all the unused things I found in Oblivion PSP. This was done with the help of achessedanish, without him I wouldn't have as much as I do now. Theres a lot so I'm not gonna add it all at once. Unused Maps Moonguard According to a map in a later build of...