Unreleased console from the big THREE

We're urgently fundraising for an unreleased games console from the big three game companies.

There is less than 5 of these known to exist, and we have the chance to secure one and document it on our new channel.

All data/software found on the system will be shared with researchers, but donators will get first access. High res 4k video will be done on the device and it's internals for future reference.

This fundraiser is time sensitive.
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    Xbox Alpha 2 Sound card recreation files by N64 Freak

    For years nobody has been able to get a sound card for their original Xbox Xlpha 2 or frankenalpha 2 Dev Kits, and the few people who were successfully was able to re create the card kept the process close to the belt. Now one of those people decided to retire from the scene and gave me their...