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  1. Bazatree

    X360 Xbox 360 Xenon XDK installing 1838 recovery

    As you know it is possible to install 1838 recovery on any Xenon XDK and some Zephyr devkits with the right GPU by using DVD recovery. I've managed to get Xenon Devkit and I was able to install 1838 recovery on it. The problem is, as people told me, 1838 does something weird when it installs...
  2. P

    RGLoader 17559 Spoof

    Extract the contents of 'HDD ROOT' folder to the root of your hard drive. With out these files on your harddrive you will freeze at the 360 logo. Xell working on eject on all rgh2 consoles. 17559 Avatars working. Use updserv.xex to send avatar data via J-runner. Included 17559 $SystemUpdate in...
  3. F

    Xbox one s Devkit Activation

  4. XboxSurgeon

    Niveus Edge Xbox 360 Prototype?

    Hey all, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted but thanks to @slycooper124, we have been discussing this oddity of either homebrew ingenuity or a one off Xbox collaboration that went no where. I’m speaking of this recent thing making waves on Discord being referred to as the Niveus Edge...