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PS2 007 Nightfire Test Levels Discovered


Original poster
Jun 28, 2019
As far as I can tell, this is something that has never been researched/discussed online. While the PS2 port of Nightfire is considered to be the black sheep of the three console versions, it nevertheless features four test levels that at least can't be found on the Gamecube disc. I made a video for one of those maps here:

007 Nightfire Test Level

Codes to play the maps can be found at my page here:

There are four maps in total, labeled as follows:
  • HT_Level_RefRoom
  • HT_Level_AllCharacters
  • HT_Level_TestRoom2
  • HT_Level_AllCharacters2
"RefRoom" and "TestRoom2" are both pretty intricate, with many interactive elements for testing a variety of gameplay functions. The "AllCharacters" maps are simply all of the game's character models standing in a circle for viewing. These are particularly interesting because they even feature character models only seem in pre-rendered FMVs, like the two young girls Bond sees in a car after parachuting from a skyscraper in Tokyo.

I may upload videos of the other maps eventually, but for now I just wanted to share this discovery with any other Bond fans out there that might want to check out the levels for themselves. Nightfire is an excellent 007 game, so I consider this a very significant find. Unfortunate that these maps do not exist in the Gamecube version, but so far I cannot confirm if the same is true of the Xbox version.