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X360 17489 XDK Jasper xebuild


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Jan 20, 2019
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Jul 10, 2018
Yesterday was messing with xebuild and managed to make a prebuilt version, which can generate regular or zeropaired 17489 kernel version images and decided to release my "work".
Regular image is just.. regular image? Same thing you would get when installing 17489 remote/disc recovery so practically useless.
Zeropaired image can be potentially useful to revive semi-bricked units (which have corrupted nand, etc and no regular backups were made but still turn on) If you have donor keyvault, smc and smc config. You just build a image, flash it on your kit, then insert disc recovery and it will do all the work and your kit will no longer be bricked. It also re-pairs your dvd key to keyvault (even if dvd key is unknown!!) so theoretically you can use any dvd to pair to the motherboard.
I only tested this with Jasper xna development kit, but it should work with other jaspers too.

USAGE: just read the readme.txt in archive

grab: https://mega.nz/file/61UlxK7Y#U4mp6jZqnNFvv_cmiM_KW9eBTT7m3E90cSrx84cEgfI

thanks to Pro-moddz for sending me unfinished xdk rgloader xebuild, I used that as reference.
By the way, If anyone needs donor xna dev kv, smc and smc config, feel free to dm me.