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3DOM2 3DO M2 FZ-35S analog controller

Shane Battye

May 30, 2019
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The official analog controller prototypes for M2 are rare as hens teeth. One alternative I discovered is the CH Flightstick for 3DO (as far as I’m aware the only analog controller for 3DO).

There’s one quirk in that it won’t function if you have VGA output from the FZ-35S; both the controller board and VGA board are shared in this unit. But it functions fine with compositive AV out.

In IMSA Racing it takes a bit of getting used to but is playable and more so than digital controls.

Controls for IMSA: Left button on stick changes view; middle is HUD; right button gear down, trigger gear up, toggle on stick is d-pad, right lower button on base pause, top left button on base resets console (!)