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A massive thank you to everyone whos signed up so far.

Would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone. Starting a new forum is a very chicken and egg situation - people don't register as there's no content and there's no content because no one registers.

So far we have had hundreds of users register and more importantly - you guys are posting and bringing over posts of value from assemblergames.

I couldn't be more proud of how this community has banded together to make this happen. You have all taken the challenge and ran with it - exceeding all expectations.

From me and all the staff (and the community at large) - Thank you all!


Thank you also from me,

Was a member of assemblergames (danhans115) for years - was a good resource. Look forward to contributing here :)
Thanks Bad_Ad84 for putting in the work here to keep the community from AG together, I look forward to years of discussing the Sony platforms here.
Setting up this Community is an exceptional effort. On and off I've been lurking Assembler since 08'. Came across the "news" today, quite something.

Back to lurking in a new environment.

Sir I have to thank you. Had such a good day which isn't that often... It is exciting to participate in a newbegin. *Looking in the mirror...
I noticed OG has just rolled over 1000 members. That's a lot of signups! Good work setting this up guys.

We also just upgraded from OG1's old server to a new one for same price but double the SSD storage :D the old one started to struggle a little haha.
Here from AG, sucks that it's dying off; But I hope to make memories here!

Although I am fairly busy, I will probably start posting some console game modding content here as I used to do with AG. Hope that will help with the content related stuff

:) Heres to a fresh start!
I was a lurker on AG for almost 10 years and made my first post in the closing announcement thread. Hopefully I'll be a bit active on here. I'll have to let my brother know about this as he was a bit active on AG.
Thanks to everyone for setting this up again and bringing over the archived content from AG. I'm confident on @Bad_Ad84 doing a great admin job along with the rest of the staff ?
Many thanks to the admins for setting this site up.
I’d hardly logged on to AG in the past 2 years, since it went down for months and then just turned into a disaster!