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Access to Amazon JP computer ebooks & auto translation from Kindle


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Apr 5, 2020
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Hi Guys,

I´m being very curious and i was looking at something on Amazon JP then i got some very nice suggestions regarding some books (especially some for old jap computers and gaming which i has always been attracted to but unable to find any consistent books about). I heard that it is actually possible to convert Kindle books to PDF (hopefully it does still work) but first i would like to know how to buy ebooks on Amazon JP since it is not like a physical good for which i could use a proxy service.
I have successfully created an account on Amazon JP but how does it work for digital purchases ? Do i need a Japanese phone number, a physical address (some companies do provide one) ? How to get a permanent Japanese phone number btw ?

Otherwise if i buy some buys is it possible to get an auto translation feature with Kindle books (or PDF) ?

Ultimately i would like to be able to share info with you guys when i get to read something im not able to find outside of Japan / japanese books in japanese.
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