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AiLive LiveMove 2 middleware


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Aug 11, 2019
Hello, I am looking for an older package which Sony added to their sce dev website freely for any developers who were registered on sce dev net, could download and use it freely.

On the SDK they are some reference to it on SDKDIR\Extras\PS3Docs\MoveKit\PSMoveTutorial_6_LiveMovePS3SDK\SDK3.60\Extras\PS3Docs\MoveKit\PSMoveTutorial_6_LiveMove

where they are a txt which said

"Download latest AI
LiveMove2 package

I think their name is something as

LiveMove2_x-rx.exe because I own an evaluation version for Wii called LiveMove2Eval_1.2.7314-r57526.exe.

I don't know if they are some source code also of PS3 version

It is a outdated package and the company is defunct : I have send them some emails but I have still no answer.

It is very important for the modding I am doing

I also tried to register on sce dev website to access it but I couldn't.

Please if someone could find the file, it would be wonderful

A lot of thanks.

I think it should no be any problem because it is a legacy machine, outdated package which developer company is defunct and the time of the patent of the algorithm is almost passed
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Jun 2, 2019
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May 12, 2010
Maybe try asking at PSX-Place? Maybe somebody there might have it or know where to get it from? There are a lot of homebrew developers there so maybe they might know where to at least find it?

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