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Alice 2 (09/17/2010)


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Jan 12, 2020
I started messing around with Alice 2 and I thought I'd share what I've noticed so far.
AliceGame-XeReleaseLTCG.xex partially works in Xenia Canary for those wondering, it has graphical glitches.
I used AliceGame-XeRelease.xex on my DemoKit (not sure the difference between the two .xex files yet.)
More importantly the game has multiple debug features, these include a Debug Menu, Visual Settings and a Console.
The Debug Menu can be accessed from the pause screen:
2020-02-23 11-05-00.png
In the Debug Menu the settings are (Super Damage, God Mode, Infinite Ammo) and Teleports (London, Tea Room, Smelting, and Ending) as well as a gamma bar.
The console is similar to Fable Anniversaries, connect a keyboard and press "~" typing any letter will show commands that start with that letter.
Some of note are "Teleport" "RestartLevel" "RestartMap" "AllAmmo" "AllWeapons" "ToggleDebugCamera" (I don't think they are case sensitive.)
2020-02-23 10-48-20.png
Bonus: Screenshot from DebugCamera
2020-02-23 10-47-07.png
Please add to this if you find anything else interesting!


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Jun 16, 2019
Hoo boy, this should be good.

There's quite a bunch of stuff that was cut/changed on the road to retail.

The most prominent change would be the plot changes related to Alice murdering Pris and possibly more murders.
Trailer found inside the proto

Early Trailer

Another early trailer showcasing many changed things

So going down the list:

Alice and Fashion
Originally, instead of having one new outfit per world/chapter, Wonderland!Alice would wear the same outfit every time, but it would change colors depending on her weapon.

Oh Alice, what have you done?
This line shows up in pretty much every trailer and teaser for this game, a leftover from when Alice were to (as far as we, the player, know) murder Pris in her apartment or on the rooftop, both being options at one point, and she would constantly find herself on crime scenes after her Wonderland phases.

Animations for the roof version of her death can still be found in the final game.

Connected to this were stealth segments across London, which can be seen in both trailers.
Alice would be able to perform a variety of acts, learned during a brief tutorial much earlier in the game, where Alice would accompany "Carmine" on his first patrol. Among these acts were things such as climbing pillars, walking along the sides of buildings, etc.
They were ultimately cut and reworked into tamer, less action oriented in-between levels that lead up to Wonderland.
A lot of this can be read up in these design documents: https://mega.nz/#!58FUgaSK!lb8X5aRLYcwnt9-0AhZYF4hiCWElUBFNXgTxDstOpz8

Alice was originally able to swim in the Deluded Depths (Chapter 2 Wonderland), also seen in the trailer, much later on in development she would also get a swimming version of her unique Chapter 2 outfit that can still be found in the files.

There's quite a bit more to go into (not to mention all the concept art for possible planned content), when I find more I'll post it.
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Feb 10, 2019
I played around with this build a bit today. It's early and very unfinished, but it is mechanically and narratively like the final game. So no tarot weapons, no early story elements, nothing from the early trailers, but there are differences to be seen! All of the areas are present although some do crash.

  1. There are bosses, but they don't work. It looks like you should be able to fight the Hare and Mouse, but there's no lighting in the area so you can't really see what you're doing. There's a boss Wasp but it's not functional. There's also a pre-boss fight with Bumby where he spawns enemies from blocks.
  2. There is a swimming mini-game! The mermaid model of Alice that was discovered in the final game is used, you swim around and spark electric tendrals underwater to open a path. When you go through the path though Alice defaults to walking again.
  3. The transitioning segments from London to Wonderland all have a little more added to them. Going to the Mangled Mermaid has a section going through twisted back alleys, going from the lawyers has a slide into the Vale of Doom, going from the Jail has a section going through sewers after seeing Rabbit.
  4. The dollhouse sections are very bare and don't work very well, but they are also pretty different from the final game.
  5. No triple jump and no mid-air dodge. The dodge is very slow too. There's also no hidden walkways with the shrink sight which changes how some areas play.
  6. There are some invisible walls and some triggers don't work which block you from moving forward. I might have to play around with the Teleport command CoolGuy5540 gave above to see if you can work around it that way.
I'm going to keep playing around with this and see what else there is. It's a very interesting build!

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