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Alpha G5


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Sep 2, 2019
Well after reading the wiki and being apart of this whole thing from the beginning ive returned. and proud to say ive managed to get one of these working. im curious on respawning a new thread with a full in depth tutorial and what hardware to look for and not to look for so they know exactly what to do and after each and every single hurdle you will encounter on the way. the fire gl x3 method is the best method from an hp machine because they have (most) the correct samsung memory. beside all that I have a few photos ill posting and once i write up a guide and a video tutorial everyone can who is interested now try to develop on. thats the thing all these people with these kits collecting but do you even program bro? lets face it there is one build for the g5 that is leaked. i personally would love condemned or pdz beause there were on some kits in the past but ive only managed to colllect the data of those games which were all corrupt and missing header files and file names as well. mainly images were able to be restored. anyways.

will people post their experience here on the machines and what they have accomplished since owning one? can we start and xbox emulator compatible list? and with the g5 power id like to see some sort of homebrew not even doom has been ported so if anyone is interested in getting something ported over please join me on the discord for a chat. pictures, tutorials and videos to come. please share your thoughts and experience with this machine. thanks guys

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