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Any info on that "Sonic Anniversary" prototype for the PSP?


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Apr 26, 2020
I'm sure this is not the first time you guys are hearing about this, but I'm currently looking for new info on the Sonic Generations (Formally Sonic Anniversary) PSP prototype, as I plan on making a YouTube video about a plethora of lost Sonic games and this is one of the games I want to discuss. I know all the basic info like the FaceBook post ( ) and the legendary Sonic Retro exchange of all the discs' assets, which is what I'm here to talk about. Supposedly the only things on the disc were early images of Mushroom Hill Zone and an early Green Hill Remix, I mean extremely early, like 2009. The disc owners' wishes were for the contents not to be released and if I come into possession of them I swear I will uphold those wishes, personally I just want to see the content just for the sake of seeing it, the most public thing I will do is loosely describe it in the video. If anyone has anything from the disk or know someone who does, please contact me, all help and new info will be deeply appreciated. PS- I'm not anywhere close to a big YouTuber (a laughable 17 subs), but those who contribute will recive credit and a "shout-out".

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