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Anyone here a xfinity customer with no interest in Call of Duty?


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Jan 14, 2020
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Feb 22, 2008
Hey all,

out of curiosity, is there anyone here who is a xfinity customer and has no interest in Call of Duty?
Activision partnered up with xfinity to give their customers a beta key for the new Call of Duty - they can be requested here: xfinity.com/callofduty
I would be realy grateful if someone who has no interest in the game / beta, could generate one for me and send it via PM.

The only other ways to get a key is to either preorder the game digitally, which I don't like, because I buy my games physically.
And the other is to wait on the developers discord server, where they drop a few codes everyday at different times.

I was there now for two days, waiting for the dude to come online, with everything setup, so that I just have to copy and paste the code onto the redeem page, but there is absolutely no chance to get one.
I managed to grab a code right at the same milisecond it was posted and still it was already redeemed according to the beta page - we are talking about 1 second reaction time here tops and it still wasn't enough :(

If anyone of you is a customer at xfinity, I would be forever thankful if you could help me out here.

Thank and regards,

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