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May 31, 2019
Ashevent here, pretty much Ashevent on most things like assembler, Instagram, PSN, XBL etc. Collect for a wide range of consoles, from Fairchild Channel F to Original Xbox and the new stuff. Fav system to collect for right now is the OGxbox, Neo Geo MVS and i'm one away from all the virtual boy games. I'm also REALLY trying to finish the Fairchild Channel F set but #19 and a few other titles are finding impossible to find, appreciate any help on that. Also enjoy modding xbox's and a few other repairs and restorations, so if anyone needs some pointers, ask away. Looking forward to seeing what you folks have any sharing some info, advice etc.

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Nice! Welcome! My daughter and I just got done playing some OG Xbox! CoinOps :) "I wanna play Mickey!" lol
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