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Audio amplification of internal gb speaker


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Jul 13, 2019

as part of common mod of backlight for original gameboy, i wanted to add audio amplification, bought a couple of these from China, it says 5v in, but its really delicate one, gameboy internal points don't really provide 5v, its quite higher, and this things gets crazy hot with sound dying.. with 2 AA batteries held by hand it works like a charm.

did everything i could, tried voltage dividing by 2 resistors , it gives 3v , when connected to this stupid board it drops to 1. something and no power..

i tried another board supposed to take 12v in, it gives marvelous sound but it needs a strong speaker which can tolerate such high power 3w i think...

iam getting mad, what can i do , i tried to make a voltage regulator using the attached part, no luck . still overheating with even 5.2V instead of 6.. i don't know what voltage does this thing need ? or is it high current not voltage , tried led light in series, it keeps blinking on and off and no use..????


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