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Other Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII (demo)Preservation help needed


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Mar 10, 2021
About a year ago I acquired a demo of the lost cell phone game that a majority of the FFVII fans have never gotten a chance to experience which is Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII (Demo). The full game service ended in 2018 and was never dumped and is no longer possible to to play. And although Ever Crisis is coming out this year and said to include “Before Crisis” , It does not feel like Before Crisis (original version) will be coming back anytime soon. I plan on dumping the demo, for the fans. To give you something that Square Enix said you were going to get in 2006 but never Did. The reason for his remains unknown. My problem is that it is not as simple due to the fact nobody has tried to hack these devices in the past. The game comes preinstalled on a W51H. Here are the specs of the device

CPUQualcomm MSM6550
Nand chip: Samsung KBP00W00DM-D424

We have tried using a riff box JTAG emulator and and RevSkills to dump the W51H. However we are unable to extract the full content of the firmware because the RevSkills can’t seem to access the rest of the user info, the area where the game is stored. So what I am asking for is this

We have tried Brew App Laoder or access the location of the game folder but it doesn’t seem to work for some reason

We have not tried UART cause we can’t find the UART or at least I don’t know how to find UART.

  1. A more documented data sheet for MSM6550
  2. Data sheet for Nand chip: Samsung KBP00W00DM-D424
  3. Someone who has had experience with this type of stuff
And yes I do know of Kahvibbreak discord. If you have anything that can help me please let me know.
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