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BioShock Early Builds/Levels

Discussion in 'Beta Talk' started by Atlas, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Atlas

    Atlas Voice Of The People
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    Jun 18, 2017
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    I don't know if any of these builds/levels were ever released or how many are out there. Considering all of the changes in development the game went through, one can only imagine how many versions might be out there. For the sake of this thread though, I'll stick to the levels featured in the linked videos below.

    For fans of early versions of video games, I think one source of appreciation stems from seeing how games evolve over time and what features were kept or scrapped. I could talk for days about this game and its sequels (I have all of the trophies for the first two games and a fairly decent collection of BioShock merchandise). If you're a fan of BioShock or early builds in general, hopefully you'll get something out of this thread and the linked videos.

    Credits to ShiningOmega for the upload.
    Some Differences from Release worth noting:
    • The HUD is extremely different. The Health Bar would eventually be a red color as opposed to a green color. At the bottom left of the screen, the Blue symbol is representing Eve Hypos, the Yellow symbol is for first aid kits, and the Red symbol is for ammo. In Release, the the first aid kit and eve hypo counters are next to the red and blue bars at the top of the screen and look very different. The Yellow and Blue emblems look similar to the symbol for enzymes (crafting component) in Release.
    • The Big Daddies are pretty small here compared to Release. Especially because we have a Rosie here as opposed to the more stout Bouncer, the height difference is quite noticeable.
    • The Rosie's color indicator stays green even when getting close to him whereas in Release, it is yellow. In Release, Green means friendly, Yellow is in different, and Red is hostile.
    • The Little Sister's voice is different.
    • The Speed Booster Plasmid was cut from Release. However, release would feature a "SportBoost" Tonic which increased melee and movement speed when wielding the Wrench (though I can't say I ever noticed the movement speed when using this tonic).
    • The pistol here seems to already be upgraded (bigger clip-size) and has a different appearance.
    • The "ceiling-climber" would be called the Spider-Splicer in Release.
    • The Security Camera's light stays green even though it would be red in Release. These cameras will turn green if they are hacked. Also, in release, shutting down an alarm only costs Coins as opposed to ADAM.
    • When the security bots are defeated in Release, they explode.
    • The Plasmi-Quik is what would become a Gene Bank where you can manage your Plasmids and Tonics.
    • The Circus of Value sounds different. Fun fact, in Release, it is Ken Levine's voice just pitch-shifted.
    • Aggressor/Irritant here would become the Enrage Plasmid in release. Instead of drawing splicers towards whatever you throw the Plasmid at like in this build, the Plasmid causes the hit character to go into a frenzy and hit nearby characters at random.
    • Security Beacon would become Security Bullseye in Release.
    • Aspects of this Build/Level can be recognized in areas of Fort Frolic, including Sander Cohen.
    • Even in this early build, we see mention of Cohen's "Songbird." Something that would later be played on in Release and eventually in BioShock Infinite.

    Credits to d00m3d2009 for the upload

    Some Differences from Release worth noting:
    • See the differences on the Rosie Big Daddy noted above.
    • Aspects of this level can be recognized in the Medical Pavilion in Release.
    • Here, we see a Houdini Splicer, but in Release we would not find one of these until later after the Medical Pavilion level.
    • The shotgun seems slightly different appearance wise and is already upgraded here.
    • MY FAVORITE DIFFERENCE: The Teleportation Plasmid was cut from Release because of how it could essentially allow the player to escape from certain scenes or battles pivotal to the game's story. However, in Release the Plasmid is featured in the form of various posters around Rapture and in BioShock 2, a vial of it can be observed as an Easter Egg (follow it as it teleports around a particular area and you will be teleported to find the Vending Expert 2 Tonic).
    • We see the player here use a green Hypnotize Big Daddy Plasmid. In release, this served the same function, however the Big Daddy's lights would turn green (as opposed to them always being green here).
    • At 5 minutes in, we see the player reactivate the Security Bots. In Release, a hack would need to be performed in certain scenarios such as these. Also, when the switch is pulled to shut off security in Release, the bots fly away as opposed to just slumping over.
    • The Telekinesis Plasmid has a different sound effect in Release.
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  2. TheUE3unimatrix

    Dev Kit Owner

    May 2, 2017
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    Well everybody here who liked this post as I do can obviously tell you there are a shit ton of builds out there that are private don't get me wrong I love people that collect like me and yes they might be legal issues but for a dead gen System like the 360 you would think developers would appreciate recognition for changes with in their games.

    Again I am not trying to shit in anybody's cereal LOL I'm just making a simple statement

    MOD EDIT: posts merged, please use "edit" instead of double posting. Thanks :)
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  3. gaming247


    Mar 2, 2017
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    Awesome write up! Thanks for sharing. I'm a huge fan of this series. Would love to see pics of your collection sometime.
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