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Clockwork Knight Prototypes


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Jun 1, 2019
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Sep 23, 2009
So, maybe this is the wrong subforum for such a thread. If so, could an admin please move it to somewhere more appropriate?

Anyway, on with the topic...

So, I've been posting some of this stuff every so often on Twitter and Discord, and sometimes completely privately, so it would be nice to post it somewhere that maybe one or two people would perhaps enjoy it. I feel like ObscureGamers is the right place for this.

For today, I'll start with a late prototype of Clockwork Knight, where a few differences can be noticed.

This late prototype is featured in "Sega Video Magazine 1994-12" meaning it's the release month of the retail game, but of course, the footage for such VHS tapes given their editing and production nature, is around 1-3 months prior. This is probably around a month beforehand in my opinion, given the few changes of this version.

Now, getting something out of the way quickly is the following:
In this late prototype, the life counter is only 2 digits, while in the final/retail version of the game, the counter has space for 3 digits, which is an interesting difference.

Now, onto some cool differences (Late Proto on the left, Final/Retail on the right):
Betsy's Room 1 (Level 1-1): In the final version, the poster in the background has changed from the character Tongara to Chelsea, the design of the pillow has changed, and the wall calender is no longer right behind the pillow, it is closer to the wall at the start.

Betsy's Room 1 (Level 1-1): In the final version, there is no longer a 1-up under the falling house, and the globe in the background has been changed to an Elephant.

Betsy's Room 2 (Level 1-2): In the final version, the transporter box is further away from the wall.

Kitchen 1 (Level 3-1): In the final version, a Darjeeling enemy was added at this spot.

Kitchen 1 (Level 3-1): In the final version, a Katchin' enemy was added to this spot.

Kitchen 1 (Level 3-1): And last of all, in the final version, several more honey pots were added to the left at this spot.

And there you have it. Just goes to show that even late in production, little things can change. I will post some comparisons with other prototype versions soon, and also for the second game.

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