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CORE DESIGN's Tomb Raider Anniversary PSP build acquired (with a catch)


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Jun 9, 2019
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Mar 10, 2014
A Tomb Raider fansite has acquired a working build of CORE DESIGN's Tomb Raider anniversary from the 2000's. For those unaware, after the commercial failure of Angel of Darkness, EIDOS handed the IP to Crystal Dynamics who released Tomb Raider anniversary in 2007. However, before this CORE was working on their own version which was ultimately scrapped by EIDOS.

Cut to 2020, where a popular Tomb Raider fansite TombofAsh starts releasing never before seen content. This leads to a live stream: .

Essentially, he's gotten hold of an early build from a former dev, but rather than leak it, he decided to get 'permission' from the IP holder to release it, and they obviously said NO. So now there's a petition to make them change their mind. To me, it sounds like a self-promotion stunt. With everything that has happened with leaks over the years, it feels like it's an attempt at self-promotion whilst also holding onto the only known build but using the IP holder as a scapegoat.


Jun 10, 2019
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May 2, 2012
Tomb Raider 1 is my favourite game in the classic series (focus on exploration, less gunplay than TR2) and the cancelled remake would've stayed closer to it than what we got from Crystal Dynamics. I didn't think a playable build would ever surface and now this...

But how could the guy expect to get an okay from the IP holder to release it? It seems absurd and no petition is going to change it.

Hopefully we'll get to see more footage or something playable in the future.
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