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Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone Technical Test (February 07, 2019)

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If you are part of the Xbox One Insider program, you were able to play a Test for there upcoming cloud based game.
I think it was great, I had alot of fun blowing up the city with 5 other people on my team, it always felt new because every round, the building would break in different ways.
I am looking forward to the Release of Crackdown 3

Also, I think I played a round with Terry Crews o_O


Join the Crackdown 3 multiplayer technical test to help stress test the multiplayer servers for Wrecking Zone, an explosive 5v5 multiplayer competition. The development team needs your help to load test our brand new cloud based destruction using a test map and mode from the final game. Gameplay is still considered in-progress and will be used for testing purposes only.

Sunday 2/10, 12pm - 2pm PST:
Sunday 2/10, 7pm-9pm PST:
Thursday 2/7, 12pm - 2pm PST: COMPLETE! Thanks!
Thursday 2/7, 7pm-9pm PST: COMPLETE! Thanks!


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