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Creatures (1996) Model - PC/MAC


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Jun 9, 2019
I visited the The Centre for Computing History today to do some recording for a soundscape and saw this really amazing model:

This model was produced during the development of Creatures, an artificial life program. It was created by Steve Grand, a computer scientist working for Millennium interactive, Cambridge. The project was having troubles with creating 3D graphics and animations, so Grand suggested that the world and its creatures could be produced from clay and then digitised.

The model was commissioned and was made of a diverse range of materials including wood, wire and fabrics. It was photographed using a long lens to minimise distortion and perspective affects. Once taken the photos were scanned and stitched together for use in the game.

Using this method, a distinctive visual style was produced. Had the team chosen a 3-D render costs would have been far greater due to the level of design programs at this time.

Creatures was released in 1996 for Windows and Mac operating systems.



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Jun 2, 2019
I watched some guys playing this game on some convention wayyyyy back in time...seeing this world again...as reallife model...priceless. :'D