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Custom OS on Readynas Duo v2



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I recently found a cheap Readynas Duo v2, although it's one of the scam one's Netgear released which is actually a Readynas Duo v1 still, unknown to me till yesterday -.-

I'm kinda mad in the fact they only use java for their desktop app and this one has a max of 2tb per bay apparently. I will not install java on my systems it's the most insecure crap in the world lol and should be banned.

With that said, is there any mods/hacks that would allow me to install plain old linux on one of these? it seems to have jtag ports on the back too which looks promising. I don't feel happy just giving it away/binning and even if I can stick plain old linux on I'd be happy. Even a custom nas os would work long as it can be used.

Any help would be appreciated thank you!


Jun 5, 2019
Debian should work. http://natisbad.org/nas-kernels/index.html

Latest kernel is 4.4.1. So I suggest build a up 2 date 5.X kernel from source.

The 2TB limit can depend on two things here:
1. The Readynas Duo v2 can't address more than 2tb due its SATA chipset still uses 32-bit logic
2. Your HDDs are formatted as MBR, it can't handle drives bigger than 2TB by default. Switch to GPT
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Thanks Traace, will give this ago when I get a free moment. It's odd they released the V1's again as V2's that's the annoying bit. When I bought I assumed it was the USB3 model, then I saw Java was needed just to control ?
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