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Dino Crisis 3 vs Devil May Cry


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Jun 28, 2019
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Jul 15, 2011
Almost anytime somebody brings up Dino Crisis 3, it's to mock how "terrible" the game was, and how it killed the franchise. I find this very interesting, because something I rarely see anyone mention is that Dino Crisis 3 is actually very much like Devil May Cry; a game loved by many. I'm not about to argue that it was the "right" direction, and that it didn't kill the franchise; the writing is on the wall, as far as that goes. Without dwelling on it, I'll say that I'm actually a fan of Dino Crisis 3.

What fascinates me is that Devil May Cry started as Resident Evil 4 (we all know this), and Dino Crisis was always seen as something of "Resident Evil with Dinosaurs." Obviously RE4 ended up being radically different from DMC (and, well... Resident Evil), but Dino Crisis 3 actually still became something of a DMC clone. It was released after Devil May Cry 2, but before the final version of Resident Evil 4. This was the generation where a lot of gamers began to get irritated with fixed/dynamic camera angles, but this was something Devil May Cry featured prominently throughout most of its entries. Dino Crisis 3 followed the DMC formula very closely, from the camera style, to the "Tactical Credits" players could find floating around each area (the equivalent of DMC's red orbs). The "Style" system isn't present, but points are awarded for continuing enemy kill combos. The points you earn go toward upgrading your health, stock, and purchasing healing items. What it also shares with DMC is the sometimes steep difficulty for new players. Both titles feature enemies launching attacks at you from off screen, and potentially awkward camera cuts (even during platforming segments).

It may be true that many just feel Dino Crisis 3 was much less successful at attempting a similar formula to Devil May Cry. Swordplay is a huge part of DMC, including unique button combos, and even unique weapons. Dino Crisis 3 focuses entirely on gun combat, with little variation. I still personally feel the game is remembered somewhat unfairly as a project that simply went "off the rails;" it was actually not veering too far from Capcom's more successful efforts at the time. The fact that it was an Xbox exclusive might have been part of the game's undoing, as the fanbase simply wasn't there. Regardless, even most fans that have played it don't speak highly of it.

I would be interested to read some of the thoughts people still have on this game... mostly because I've been replaying it lately.

Side note: boy this game really shot up in price online lately. Glad I still have my copy!


Jul 9, 2021
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09 Juli 2021
Devil May Cry is the best one! especially vergil for me

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