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DreamPi wifi question


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Jul 14, 2020
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2009 ish?
I have had my DreamPi set up running a couple weeks now perfectly and all was good till i got cut off from my current Internet provider (virgin media, I'm in the UK).

I was supposed to be ending my contract with them on the 13th August but it seems they've changed it without my consent.

However this obviously means I can no longer go online with my console and DreamPi - what I have done before when we have had Internet problems is use my phone as a hotspot and connect from my ps4 and it worked fine - I thought I'd try with the Pi set up and logged in to the DreamPi as I did when I first set it all up (connected Pi to TV and used usb keyboard) I ran the wifi config and entered my phones ssid and password but it won't seem to connect, yet my ps4 will.

Is there a reason why this wouldn't work with a DreamPi set up? After entering info u rebooted Pi and only one light would show on the usb modem (which tells me it isn't connecting via my phone).

Ill have a new Internet provider on the 7th but would like to keep playing on my Dreamcast till then lol

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