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PSP Duke Nukem Critical Mass

We'd intended to release this weekend @ OLL 22' but someone else leaked it which kinda ruined our plans.

Below is the compiled iso's, they only function on PPSSPP 1.1.1, you'll need to rename the eboot to function on retail, which'll require a PSP with 64MB of ram.

The Wii builds are fixed thanks to @March42
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So this will work on any retail PSP consoles besides the original launch models?
What do the PSP builds need to be renamed to?

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This is a very interesting collection of builds. It's always nice to see lost media eventually become available. I'm just curious about the origin of Galactic Siege; it doesn't seem to have any information online, all three of its versions are entirely different games and the files themselves, though holding some rather nice assets, don't have any credits that I could find. I'm assuming that the credits are similar to Critical Mass, but I'm not entirely sure yet.
Oooh, wonder if this will boot on my Testing tool. I seem to recall I may need to convert the eboot but I'll fudge around with it

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