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GC Dumping NR/RVT-R discs with Rawdump?


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Jun 1, 2019
Hey everyone.

So I've been trying to do research on this subject but I keep running into conflicting reports.

I'm trying to look for a cheap way to do accurate dumps of NR/RVT-R discs by using a DVD drive and rawdump, since RVT-H units are pretty expensive in comparison. However, I've heard mixed things about this method. For one, you need to insert a retail disc and then somehow swap the disc as its being recognized by rawdump with an equivalent NR/RVT-R disc. I've heard the dumps are more prone to errors since the attempt to load the disc isn't that orthodox? I also don't know what needs to happen before swapping the disc, and if the disc needs to be swapped with the drive itself exposed or if you open/close the tray using the eject button?

I was wondering if anyone actually has had experience in dumping stuff with this method and what their success stories were. An actual written guide or video would be wonderful too, since if it works out that everyone can try and use the method.

(or I wonder if its feasible to just hack rawdump to recognize NR/RVT-Rs instead? is such a thing even possible?)

Let me know. :)

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